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Alabama judge shuts down anti-abortion law with perfect gun analogy 

A law that would have shut down three out of five abortion clinics in the state of Alabama has just been temporarily struck down by a judge using the most immaculate analogy of all reproductive time. U.S. District Judge Myron Thomson ruled that the Alabama legislation, passed in 2013, imposed the unnecessary restriction of having admission privileges to hospitals and therefore posed an “undue burden” on women to get the, let us reiterate, legal, procedure in the state.

Since the proposed law threatens to close down all clinics except for those in Huntsville and Tuscaloosa, the judge suggested that the same law applied to guns would face gross opposition. 

According to, he proposed a scenario in which gun regulations would force the state to close down all but two stores who sell guns, forcing residents of the state to only buy guns at these two stores. 

The comparison is apt Follow micdotcom

This? Is why I think it’s vital that we fight for diverse literature in schools. When the book-banning folks come out, it’s so often to shut down a person belonging to a minority group speaking about experiences that make people uncomfortable. Of course we are uncomfortable. We are complicit. It takes discomfort to impel change.

Not all kids will get a real picture of the world at home; I certainly didn’t. Those kids may go on to be the next generation of oppressors, having been taught lies that cause them to see minorities as subhuman, unless they have outside influences to show them otherwise. It matters that they read books by African-Americans, by women, by LGBT authors. It matters that they gain empathy and experience others’ lives.

It matters that they become uncomfortable enough to change.

from Reading Helped Me Overcome My Racist Upbringing by Susie Rodarme (via bookriot)

caleb4l asked:

Quit posting absolute bullshit and get over the fact that a fucking criminal was put to rest that day. If he would have never stole from the store, he most likely wouldn't have had contact with police that day. If he would have never assaulted the officer and reached for his gun, he wouldn't have took a bullet to the skull. #justicehasbeenserved



Even if he stole Rellos, would he get the death penalty? No.

Even if he stole an officer’s gun, would he get the death penalty? No.

Even if he punched a cop, would he get the death penalty? No.

Never mind the end of that video shows Mike Brown paying for his Rellos.

Never mind the store owner said there was no robbery and that no one working for him reported it.

Never mind the police chief said Darren Wilson did not know Mike Brown was a “suspect” in a robbery — he was stopped for walking in the street versus on the sidewalk.

Never mind the autopsy report that says he was shot from nearly 35ft away.

Never mind that report shows wounds consistent with him being shot with his hands in the air.

Ultimately, you have one White cop who gunned down yet another unarmed Black man, a police force that has not been at all forthcoming with any answers, and a Black community tired of their children being murdered for shit as simple as walking down the street. That same police force (accompanied by National Guard and Missouri Highway Patrol) has used violence to try to quell peaceful protest.

When looting broke out, the people in that community banded together to PROTECT local businesses from the looters who looked a fuckton like your shitstain self.

Here’s a newsflash, cockwagon: If you stole Rellos, your ass might spend a few hours in a holding cell. You might stay overnight. But you’re never gonna be thought of as a suspect right off the bat by a cop when you’re just walking down the street with a pal. You’re never gonna have to worry if your hoodie makes you suspect. You’re never gonna have to wonder if a traffic stop is going to end in your murder.

And if you go all mass shooter on us, which White boys like yourself are wont to do, rest assured your legacy will be burnished with sympathetic interviews bemoaning how such a good boy went wrong. The media will not pour through your social media profiles looking for the most “thug” picture of you mean mugging for the camera. In fact, if you have a gun selfie on your Facebook, you’re just standing up for your Second Amendment rights. Of course you’re not a thug like THOSE people, amirite?

Also, you’ll be a hell of a lot more likely to be taken alive after committing mass murder than a young Black man who was simply suspect for walking down the street, or holding his wallet, or who fit the description — that catchall justification beloved by policemen everywhere. Or even a young Black woman seeking help after a car crash. If you pound on a stranger’s door, you’re getting a ambulance instead of a bullet in the face.

Take your impotent Wonderbread™ White supremacist opinions elsewhere, son, because I am fresh out of fucks to give and won’t be restocking any time soon.

P.S. Your wrong as fuck hashtag up there means as much as your opinions. I think you forgot how to internet.

This. This is exactly what I think when people say “oh, Ferguson isn’t a race issue.” GTFOHWTBS.

"It’s not about race, it was an excessive use of force." No. It was both.

I don’t want to get into the use of false equivalencies, but if you’re black in this country (or simply a person with a working set of eyes and a general sense of what’s right and wrong), it’s hard to not to be bothered when you see that a white person who shot up a theater full of people, killing twelve, was awarded the “decency” of being arrested alive and is now awaiting trial while a black person who may or may not have assaulted an officer was shot 6 times, twice in the head, from up to 30 feet away. Or that it’s OK to shoot a member of the US House of Representatives in the head from point blank range while killing six other people. If you’re a white guy, we won’t shoot you. Hell, we’ll even give you a trial and you won’t get the death penalty. But if you’re a black man selling loose cigarettes, damn right we’ll choke you out on the street. Ditto for if you’re a Mexican man who doesn’t want to show ID.

Now I’m not going to sit here and say cops don’t use excessive force on undeserving white suspects. They do. But based on both anecdotal and factual evidence, the number of people who wind up dead at the hands of police suuuuure seems a bit skewed toward black and brown people.

State OKs 10% pay cut to ease DPS deficit

This is my state and my governor and my representatives and my emergency manager’s idea of reform and accountability. Sometimes I wonder how these people sleep at night. And then I realize they sleep quite well, probably on 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets with dreams of their vacation homes running through their heads.

How Ferguson Highlights the Dangers of For-Profit Policing



Slate highlights the financial dynamics that led to the insane police situation in Ferguson:

When you split a metro area into dozens of tiny local governments (St. Louis County, to be clear, doesn’t include the actual city of St. Louis, which spun off from it in the 19th century), they tend to duplicate each others’ services, which is of course extremely expensive. But raising taxes so that each tiny borough can afford its own police and fire department is a nonstarter, since wealthy residents can always just move one town over. End result: You have police departments that self-fund by handing out tickets. And thanks to the delightful racial dynamics of U.S. law enforcement, black residents are disproportionately stopped and accosted, even though police in Ferguson are less likely to find contraband when they search black drivers than when they search whites.

In other words, Ferguson’s police department financially buoys itself by treating its residents like crap.

True story. 

See also how zoning and other local ordinances across nearly 100 distinct municipalities in a not-that-big area have contributed to The Way Things Are. The proliferation of impractical yet entrenched fiefdoms has long been a daunting barrier to meaningful change— of all kinds. As Mr. Douglass said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” 

May strong, coherent voices emerge. 

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