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“Right now, much of higher ed believes that it’s not their job to have a teacher be ready for the classroom on Day 1,” says Kate Walsh, president of the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Her organization’s study of more than 1,100 colleges of education found that 7 out of 10 programs did not adequately teach candidates how to teach reading. Nine out of 10 did a poor job preparing them to teach basic subjects like English, math, science or history. Training in classroom management and the use of student data was lacking.

The damage to K-12 education, says Walsh, is enormous, and she is on a mission to expose what she calls “widespread malpractice” in the field of teacher education.

I feel like this is something we should talk about. You can read the rest of the article here. Thoughts? Rebuttal? Comments? (via tomesaway)

Or we could talk about the mostly online diploma mills which are doing huge business in supposedly advanced education degrees with teachers and administrators alike. It’s shameful. The whole system is a crock.  

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I am a Teacher. I taught student who had dropped out of high school because it wasn’t working for them:

  • Big Class size
  • Endless standardized tests
  • Charter schools more like military schools

All the education “reform” of the 1% are destroying our public schools.

So I came to Zuccotti Park and #occupy and I’ve given every day of my life to it since September 17th and I’m just getting started…

Word. That’s all I can say having finished the final day (of three days) of testing for my juniors and one for my sophmores. Education reform indeed.

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